Book Review – Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Gratitude & all the cakes: Talia Hibbert’s Act Your Age, Eve Brown.

Back in spring 2021, I was finally fully vaxed, for free, while living in a State that rarely gets shit done. Damn, Louisiana, you got one thing right, in a swamp of disaster, and I am still impressed & grateful. However, I was also kind of sick after the second vaccine. Which was not much of a problem (see previous: insane gratitude) especially because feeling mildly sore all over for a single day gave me an excuse to stay in the hammock. I lounged there in the shade and read what turned out to be my all-time favorite of Talia Hibbert’s books. I’d been saving Act Your Age, Eve Brown (the finale of the Brown Sisters trilogy) as a special pick-me-up, and it was indeed perfect: the sun shone, the dog dozed, and the cat looked at me suspiciously while I laughed into the evening.

Eve Brown is even more delightful than the previous two of the series. While I firmly believe that Dani and Zafir’s getting-out-of-the-lift scene is one of the all-time Great Elevator Scenes in Romance EVER (yeah, feel free to fight me, you will lose), I love Eve and Jacob even more. Charisma, chaos, sexual zing, enemies-to-lovers, all set at an old-school English bed & breakfast… Escapism with just enough reality. I drank iced tea & read & ate some home-made petits-fours, because a talented baker friend had made an Easter cake that crumbled, so after some swearing, she chopped up the surviving pieces into squares, iced and decorated them, et voilà. Tiny colourful cakes that could have stepped out from Hibbert’s novel. I should have photographed the cake but I was too busy reading. Since then, I’ve reread the book twice and yep, will do again.

Now if my friend would only make me some more miniature iced tea cakes…

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