The Frenchmen Street Series

Full disclosure: I live right round the corner from Frenchmen Street, where my contemporary romance series is set. So I have a vested interest in getting things right.

Frenchmen Street is the perfect location for the imaginary bar where Mica Williams slings cocktails. For the last few years, I’ve been writing these stories and characters based in New Orleans. Frenchmen Street is an iconic few blocks of restaurants and bars, where local musicians play the old jazz styles of Louisiana. Big’s Lounge does not really exist; its imagined location is currently an empty lot that I can see from my front stoop.

Writing has been my main gig for years. I’ve earned my living as a journalist, but I’ve always loved stories about relationships and romance. All my life, I’ve devoured Romance & Chick Lit, and after many years of journalism, writing about history and cities and “issues”, I am so glad to finally be publishing a story that ends happily!

The release date for Praline Martini is this weekend—I can hardly believe it’s happening! If you’re curious about the romance, the street, and the loving, wild, flawed lives I’ve invented for the series, sign up for my newsletter & I’ll send you the first two chapters!

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