Praline Martini

Welcome to Big’s Lounge, the historic New Orleans cocktail bar where Mica Williams mixes perfect cocktails and listens to other people’s hopes and heartaches. After hours, she unwinds in an old-fashioned bathtub big enough for two, hidden in the luxurious garden of her old wooden house.

Except, in reality, Mica’s life is a train wreck: she’s in debt to the tips of her long Medusa locks, and the roof of her bar just got torn up a freak wind storm. So the big budget movie shoot, which was going to save her from financial collapse? It’s not going to happen. Mica’s temper is short at the best of times, and now she’s ready to snap.

Once upon a time, she’d have dodged all her problems with a torrid one-night stand. But after some disastrous choices, Mica has sworn off relationships forever. The last thing she needs is a handsome stranger tumbling into her bar and into her life.

But the muscled ex-dancer and dreamy Frenchman, Ludo de Tally, is determined to make Mica smile. Ludo is facing his own challenges in New Orleans. Will he manage to find his way in this new city? And are his dazzling optimism and energy enough to overcome both his and Mica’s troubles?

If you love the romantic potential of a cocktail bar and the heat of a New Orleans night, and if you believe in the eternal power of desire, then you’ll love “Praline Martini”. Get it now!


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